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ENFD Fire District

The District provides for fire suppression and prevention by acquiring and maintaining firefighting and fire protection equipment to prevent or fight fires.  The District is also charged with the establishment and maintenance of emergency medical and rescue response services.

The District is charged to employ, train, and equip the personnel to accomplish the duties of the District.  Included in this tasking is the responsibility to train, coordinate, and equip firefighters.  The Commission is authorized and has appointed a Fire Chief of the District and has delegated to him the authority of supervision and management of the operations of the District and its employees, along with the maintenance and operations of its facilities and equipment.

The District is also charged to conduct fire prevention plan reviews for proposed construction projects, building remodels, and development projects in the District.  Field inspections are conducted to ensure that buildings meet the latest local and state building and fire codes, including the review of fire and life safety systems and their intended use and installation ensuring the safety of all those in the District. 

An important aspect of fire prevention certainly involves education.  The District provides periodic programs intended to promote and teach fire safety to all ages.  The school children in the district receive fire prevention education from pre-k through fifth grade.  Community outreach events are held periodically to provide fire education to the citizens and build neighbor relationships that allow faster response and alerting whenever emergency conditions occur.